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  • Do you have a school-age child with peer issues, anxiety, learning problems or mood swings?
  • Is your teen struggling with anxiety, depression, or behavioral, academic, or social issues? 
  • Do you have a toddler who has extreme separation anxiety or temper tantrums? 
  • Do you have children who fight amongst themselves making your home feel like a constant battleground?

Parenting any child can be difficult, but when a child or teenager has extreme mood swings, separation anxiety, sleep issues, academic problems, peer or behavioral issues, parenting is exhausting. Many of our parent clients say that while they love their children, they feel so overwhelmed by their child’s behaviors that they do not experience the joy of parenthood. If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused as a parent, therapy can help you and your child cope, adapt, heal and move forward in a healthy and positive way.

I will work in collaboration with you to determine your immediate and long-term goals and develop a plan for change based on your family’s unique needs. I use a warm and nonjudgmental approach to understand and assist you in resolving the difficulties your child is experiencing.

When working with families, I pay close attention to each family member's needs and developmental issues. Throughout therapy, I help children develop new ways to adapt and manage any difficult life circumstances while also instilling new and effective coping tools. I help enhance the child’s strengths and self-esteem, which is critical to moving forward.

As part of my therapeutic work with children and teens, when indicated, I also provide Parent Guidance Therapy which facilitates parents’ fundamental understanding of their child’s socioemotional lives and developmental needs. This approach helps parents to repair parent-child relationships that may have been weakened due to the child’s acting out or difficult life circumstances. Facilitation of effective and appropriate parenting skills empowers parents to establish and maintain a deep attachment to their young child or teen which is critical to the child’s success moving forward. 

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