Co-Parenting & Divorce

The decision to end a marriage, especially when children are involved, is never easy and always painful. When parents separate and divorce, if children experience negative emotions or conflict between their parents, they are automatically put into an emotional bind and the long term impact of that can be devastating.

The good news is that research shows when parents facilitate their divorce and co-parent in ways that put the children’s needs first, the long-term negative impact of divorce on children is greatly reduced.

Dr. Baker has over 20 years experience working with parents going through divorce, including high conflict divorce families. Unlike many other co-parenting therapists, Dr. Baker is a trained child psychologist, and as such, she has a fundamental understanding of children’s emotional and developmental needs.  She brings this knowledge directly into her co-parenting therapy approach, and educates parents about their children's emotional needs during divorce. Using a warm and nonjudgmental yet direct manner, Dr. Baker meets parent where they are at and gently guides them towards improving the family environment in both homes to keep children out of that emotional bind and to ultimately reduce the long-term negative consequences of the divorce on the children.

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